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GENERAL The o-ring is the most popular and inexpensive sealing element. Although it looks simple, it is an important implement of preventing needless leakage of gas or fluids. O-rings serve to create a seal between two mechanical components by preventing leakage and maintaining pressure through deforming to the shape of their surrounding cavity. DESCRIPTION The dimensions of the o-ring are usually defined by ID (inter diameter) and CS (cross section)

O-rings are usually characterized by material (or compound), durometer (Shore A hardness) and dash number. The dash number refers to a specific inner diameter (I.D.), outer diameter (O.D.), and cross section (C.S.) based on the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Aerospace Size Standard for O-rings, or simply AS568 standard sizeS. FEATURES Full range of material selections: NBR, EPDM, FKM, PA, Silicone, FFKM, CR, and so on. A Complete AS568, JIS B2401 P/V/S/G series Wide range covered metric standard series O-RING KITS Kits contained the most popular standard and metric sizes available and come in self contained, compact cases. NBR VITON SILICONE EPDM TEFLON AFLAS URETHANE NEOPRENE O-RING CORD STOCK IPS carries a large inventory of metric and standard O-ring cord and square product, in the following materials: NBR VITON SILICONE EPDM NEOPRENE

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